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SPARKLE ’09 – The 4th Annual School Sports Day. (28-Jan-2009)

Wednesday morning, 28th January ’09 turned out to be a day to be remembered by every student of The PSBB Millennium School.

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Wednesday morning, 28th January ’09 turned out to be a day to be remembered by every student of The PSBB Millennium School.

1 week of serious practice had the children ready for their march past and their drill displays.

From the youngest in Std 1 to the eldest in Std 9 they had toiled and sweated it out to ensure that the Sports day would be perfect.

The children responded to the set of instructions given to them and assembled at the School by 6:30am to avail of the School transportation to the venue for the Sports Meet.

By 7:15am cars were streaming into the JN Stadium and the 10 busloads of children filled the arena!

Imagine their surprise when they stood in awe of the grandeur of Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium! They were completely taken in by the size of the stadium and were delighted by the open space available for running like a free bird!

However, discipline got them to stand in the order of houses for the March Past. What a spectacle it was to see the line up for the March Past of the entire School from Std 1 to Std 9 marching! The number of students was an impressive 1350 odd children!!

The day began with the Tamizh Thaai Vaazhthu.

This was followed by a 2-minute silence in honour of our beloved past President Shri. R Venkataraman who passed away on the 27th of January ’09.

The students then geared up for the March Past led by the School Captain Achintya Das , K. Anbarasu- Asst Student Pupil Leader, The Sports Captain, Akshay Nandan followed by the Vice Sports Captain Pavithra Ravi led the House Captains. Then began the impressive March past to the very famous ‘Bridge on the River Kwai Music’ - Col. Bogey’s March.

Cmde S. Shekhar, who took the Presidential Salute, later remarked that the way the children maintained eye contact with him during their salute was very impressive. He particularly enjoyed watching the little children march with an air of confidence around them!

The Chief Guest unfurled the School flag. What followed was an impressive run with the torch by the senior sportspersons, each of whom had represented the School and won laurels for it at some event or the other during the academic year. The runners included Keethan S of Std 9, Sumedh Iyengar of Std 6, Prithve of Std 7 and Arvind T of Std 9. The House Captains led by the Sports Captain then formally took the Oath to ensure that the participants followed the decorum of the sport and played fair in the true spirit of sportsmanship.

Cmde S Shekhar in his pristine and commanding voice declared SPARKLE ’09 Open! He wished the students the very best, congratulated them for the wonderful display of Marching and said he was sure it would be a memorable day. He extended his heartiest congratulations to the School and it’s founding Dean and Director Dr Mrs. Y G Parthasarathy and said he could see the leader of the morrow stand before him.

Dr Mrs Y G Parthsarathy in her address to the participants and the parents complimented the School on its rise in just 4 years to the level it had reached and expressed her immense happiness over the proceedings and the discipline maintained by the children. She also told the parents and the audience that she was very happy that the School was shifting to a bigger and better campus. This meant that the children would definitely have more space to play and practise and maybe even conduct the next year Sports in our own Campus! She congratulated the Staff for all the effort put in and said that it was an excellent display of teamwork.

The next event was the drill display “Tambourine Tuners” by the children of Std. III to Std. V. They held tambourines in their hand and moved in sync with the music. A total of 450 students participated in this display.

This was followed by the drill display “Globe Trotters” by the senior boys of Classes 6 to 9 who put up a superb drill display with Footballs as props.

Not to be left behind, the girls from Classes 6 to 9 wowed the audience with the formations and colour titled “ Mosaic of Hues” of the Saree Drill done to Maestro Illayaraja’s tune. So happy and impressed was the Chief Guest Cmde S Shekhar that he got up and gave impromptu congratulations to the Girls and also offered a small token gift of Rs 500/- asking for sweets to be distributed to the girls for their spectacular display. A total of 170 girls participated in this presentation.

The next in the list of displays was the perfected yoga postures by the students of Std 5 all 152 of them!

Children who learn Karate as part of their Cultural academy Classes put up an impressive display of their skills. The size and age group varied from small to medium and 6 to 12 respectively! Not only did they take us through the drill of movements, they also exhibited a display of breaking the tiles and that too on a burning tile. Nithin Kumar H of Std. VIII made a presentation of Taekwondo. His high kicks and fist power earned him a good round of applause.

That brought to an end all the mass drill and displays.

The track and field events took off with a 50 m dash by the tiniest of the tots – the Pre-KG children! This had its gradual raise of level till the Nursery had completed their races; the Primary too finished their 100 m dash before the league changed to that of the Sub Juniors, Juniors and Seniors level.

The last event for the day was the 100 X 4 relay for all the levels.

As and when the event got over our Guest of Honour Mr. Vasanth Saravanan gave away the prizes to the winners who had their moment of glory at the podium.

The overall championship for the Senior Boys went to Akshay Nanadan of Std. 9. Pavithra Ravi of Std. 9 won the championship for the girls, making it a repeat of the last year events.

The Junior Champions were Arun V and Dipika J of Std. 8.

The Sub - Junior Champions were Rishab and Priyadarshini of Std 6.

The overall championship for the best house with a top score of 403 went to Sapphire. Ruby was a close second with 395 points. Emerald came third with and Topaz finished fourth.

Ruby took away the shield for the best march past.

In the intramural matches that covered basketball, throw ball, football, volley ball, table tennis ad shuttle and chess and carom the overall winners were Ruby with 190 points with Sapphire coming a close second with 170.

Our Academic Advisor, Mrs. Rukmani Mothilal gave away the medals, cups and shields to the deserving winners.

The School flag was lowered and presented to the Principal, Mrs. Sita Umamaheswaran.

The eventful day came to a glorious end with the rendition of the National Anthem sung in unison with gusto.

Even as parents and students were vacating the stadium echoes of cheers rent the air signaling the success of SPARKLE ’09. A special word of thanks was said to the parents who came in huge numbers despite it being a working day and for encouraging the children through all the events!

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