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Educomp Online

Educomp Online is an edu-content and online school management resource for new age schools. Educomp Online provides smartclass videos, calibrated assessments, online learning management and edutainment learning. Educomp Online is also a powerful platform for the school, students and the parent to interact with each other seamlessly in a secure environment.

Educomp Online is powered by a vast repository of digital instruction material which is regularly enriched. The content repository consists of thousands of animated and lesson specific multimedia modules which the student can access at home. Teachers can upload assignments for students to download, and parents can access important information like marks and attendance about their wards.

The curriculum reach unfolds from kindergarten to grade 12th covering subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, EVS, Social Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Economics and Business Studies.

In a nutshell Educomp Online offers the following benefits to the various stakeholders:

School Administrators

  • 24×7 online school management with a centralized database encompassing all student & parent information
  • Provide the edge to your students through digital content for their enhanced learning
  • Create customized school website, school event planner & picture gallery
  • Principal Login to easily communicate with students, teachers & parents
  • Send real time SMS notifications to all stakeholders
  • Track student attendance, marks & analyze student performance with ease


  • Access to advanced content and premium learning modules like mathguru
  • Educational games, articles and notes to develop comprehensive knowledge
  • Receive and send assignments online
  • Tests to analyze comprehension & application of topics
  • Collaborative knowledge sharing platforms like EduWiki & Eduxpress


  • Share assignments/homework anytime, with ease
  • Create tests & share your articles, notes, tests and content conveniently
  • Update marks & monitor student performance online
  • Communicate easily with students and their parents


  • Get important notifications from the school & easily communicate with the school/teachers
  • Online content for supplemental learning & understanding of concepts for your child
  • Keep track of your child’s assignments, homework schedule, attendance & performance, online
  • Get updates about happenings at school even when your ward is absent
  • 100% online security for your child

An offering from Educomp Solutions Limited, India’s largest education company, Educomp Online is already being used by 30 lakh learners across 3000 schools in India & aims to help revolutionize the learning process in the country by revolutionizing school education!

Multimedia Content
Our content repository consists of thousands of highly animated 3D and 2D multimedia modules...

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