3D Lab


The 3D learning experience will have the student grabbing at thin air and pulling back from objects that appear to be zooming straight at him. Or floating in the blood stream, hearing the heart beat from inches away, watch atoms explode at arms length and so forth. The fact is, with 3D learning , the student can almost feel being a part of the subject itself. Making learning- immersive exciting and fascinating. With 3D becoming a movie watching standard across the country, it has been gladly accepted by learners across all age groups and has left them yearning for more.

Be it Biology, Physics or Chemistry, a 3D experience is a pure delight, taking students into a life-like virtual world, where abstract ideas come to life.

  • Life-Like Virtual World
  • Wide Range of Topics
  • High Quality 3D Animations
  • Easy-to-Grasp Methodology

Educomp 3D Lab is available for select modules in Mathematics & Sciences for Classes VI till XII. These modules have been selected from various State and Central boards and cover a wide variety of topics. Our team of experts ensures that only high quality 3D animations become a part of our service offering. 3D Lab can be installed in regular classrooms or preferably in special screening rooms.

Consisting of a special viewing screen, a projector and of course, the 3D modules stored in a hard disk, the installation is pretty simple and easy.

This is the first such offering of its kind in the world making your school, a truly unique 21st century learning enabler.

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