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Wizlearn Technologies (formerly known as ASKnLearn) is Educomp’s subsidiary in Singapore. WizLearn is a world-class education technology services provider commanding a leading share of the Singapore schools market for web based Learning Management Systems (Asknlearn) and multimedia content (Educomp’s SmartClass). As a Pan-Asian provider of Education solutions and services, Wizlearn also caters to institutions of higher learning and corporate clients in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Brunei. We are currently expanding our operations into China to provide our Smart Class content in the Chinese market in the Mandarin language.

Wizlearn customers include the National University of Singapore, Singapore Institute of Management, Ministry of Defense, over 50% of all Singapore schools, school clusters and zones, top regional universities, Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore, MOE Brunei and international schools. With nearly 250 institutions, schools and corporate organizations using its services, Wizlearn is in a unique position to deliver highly effective learning solutions and support IT infused teaching, collaborative learning, formative assessments, and mobile learning needs of its clients. Its versatile LMS has over 100 e-learning and administrative tools that allow user customization for their individual teaching and learning requirements.

Edulearn is one of ASKnLearn's flagship products. It is a comprehensive Learning Management System that comes with an array of features that allow teachers to create a dynamic and vibrant e-learning platform for their students. The system comes complete with various reusable learning objects and pre-packaged content for students.

EduLearn is designed to be used by Primary and Secondary schools in Singapore. Currently, about 40% of Singapore schools are using Edulearn.

  • Lesson: This function provides a platform for teachers to create and deliver online lesson to students. Teachers can easily create webpages, add live audio via their microphones, or video via their webcam, webcast, add asknlearn content, integrate youtube video, convert powerpoint to flash swf all integrated into one simple tool.
  • Quiz: Is a web-based assessment system that allows teachers to create and deliver auto-marked test papers. It allows tracking of student performance.
  • Homework: Allows teachers to upload Word/PPT homework attachments/worksheets for students to submit their homework/projects online.
  • Pre-Packaged E-Learning Content / Lesson Bank: Add ready-made activities or interactive multimedia to their content packages.
  • Forums: Is a multi-tiered discussion board where students air their views and contribute to a discussion initiated by teachers. All messages will be tracked and teacher can act as the Forum Administrator.
  • EduPost: EduPost is an internal e-mail system that allows students and teachers to e-mail one another in Edulearn.
  • EduBlog: A function that provides students with their own blog.
  • E-Portfolio: A function that provides students with a place to put their work, projects and galleries throughout their school life.
  • Temperature Taking and Travel Declarations: Lets teachers key in their students' temperatures and keeps records as per MOE guidelines.
  • Live Reports: Generate and view statistics of student logons, school logon summary and content creation.
  • Resource Management Tools / Fault Reporting: Manage school resources and bookings with an integrated faulty equipments reporting system that allows teachers to report faulty equipments.
  • Surveys: Set up public or private surveys.

Wizlearn is a full featured, scalable Advanced Learning Platform that is designed with the private educational organization and tertiary institution in mind. It is a comprehensive solution that incorporates 2 systems into 1, a learning management system for the students and instructors, and also an Administrative Management system that manages staff, administration and learning resource matters.

Wizlearn is compliant to major e-learning standards such as SCORM and QTI. It is also built on a scalable architecture that supports web farms and database clusters that can support large numbers of concurrent users. It also has multi-language compatibility which ensures that the system can be ported internationally.

  • Chatroom: The Chatroom allows real-time communication amongst allocated students at pre-set timings.
  • Lesson Plan: The Lesson Plan helps to organize the teacher’s teaching schedules on a weekly basis, and has features to monitor student resources for future lessons, such as assignments, readings and other learning resources.
  • Workbin: The Workbin is a document exchange repository. Students can upload their assignments or download their course materials quickly and easily. It is fully customizable for different groups of students.
  • Discussion Forum: The Discussion Forums allow online collaboration and peer-to-peer learning through online discussion and feedback. The lecturer can choose to take up the role of a facilitator, guiding their students’.
  • Quiz: Quizzes can be assembled quickly and easily through importing questions from the Question Bank. Tutors can quickly deploy these quizzes for term tests or for students’ self-assessment.
  • Courseware: The Courseware feature allows teachers to attach learning objects like Adobe PDF files, images and streaming videos for student viewing. It also tracks the hit counts and time spent by the students.
  • Account Management: Batch creation of accounts make it easy for school administrators to manage student enrolment and class assignment.
  • Onine Course Registration: Through Online Course Registration, students can be registered and be allocated their courses online, saving administrative hassles of manual allocation.
  • Statistics: Accurate reports on the school’s e-learning activities can be generated using this tool. This allows quick and easy monitoring and analysis of online usage and patterns.
  • Resource Bank: Teachers can now pool their shared resources into a Resource Bank, which makes sharing, collaboration and generation of online learning resources quick and easy.

Alpha Phonics & Reading Program

This programme is an integrated phonics and whole language approach, designed to help children learn reading and English language skills in a fun and happy way through songs, games and hands-on activities. There are two series in the programme:

Alphabet Soup series

(Basic Level and Intermediate Level)

  • Focusses on letters and letter sounds
  • Improves confidence in speech, decoding words and whole-word recognition

The Story Line series

(Advance Level and Early Readers)

  • Focusses on reading development
  • Builds ability to decode multiple sound blends and to recognize and decode words containing complex sound elements such as diphthongs and silent letters
  • Gives a good headstart in reading ability for children preparing for their P1 education

Course specifications:

  • Basic Level age 3 to 4
  • Intermediate Level age 4 to 5
  • Advance Level age 5 to 7
  • Early Readers Level age 6 to 9

Creative Thinking Skills

Language is used for communication. We often have many thoughts or ideas, but experience difficulties when we try to verbalise and communicate these ideas. In today’s knowledge economy, one has to use language to formulate ideas concerning situations and be able to decipher the parts that make up the whole picture. The processes put into thinking and strategising should be learnt so that ideas can be crystallised and effectively communicated.

These strategies are now recognised as an important skill to have for critical enquiry and project work. This book has been divided roughly into three sections. The first section consists of passages which move away from the usual run-of the- mill comprehension texts. They spur the child to think deeply about scenarios. Here, the emphasis is on the child’s process of thought rather than the result. A series of activity-centred exercises is then given to guide the child to use a variety of thinking skills to map the ideas in the passage into a situation that is meaningful to him or her. The child is encouraged to share his/her ideas, summarise information and create new and relevant ideas. By doing so, he/she gains a better understanding of the various nuances involved in everyday language.

Course specifications:

  • Creative Thinking Skills Level 1 for ages 7 to 8
  • Creative Thinking Skills Level 2 for ages 8 to 9

Foundation English

This assessment series is designed for pupils with ages ranging from 6 to 11 years, to help them build a strong foundation in English language skills.

Each lesson focusses on the following components:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension and Cloze Passages

Available titles:

  • Foundation English for Primary 1A
  • Foundation English for Primary 1B
  • Foundation English for Primary 2A
  • Foundation English for Primary 2B
  • Foundation English for Primary 3A
  • Foundation English for Primary 3B
  • Foundation English for Primary 4A
  • Foundation English for Primary 4B

Comprehension and Composition

The comprehension passages in this book are based on the philosophy that, in order to engage in effective communication and to comprehend language well, the learner must not only be able to answer questions about the world around him, but must also be able to verbalise his ideas. Hence, the passages are designed to challenge the learner to think and formulate ideas concerning situations that he has read about.

Each chapter of this book is divided into three sections:

  • Comprehension
  • Language Activity
  • Composition

Available titles:

  • Comprehension and Composition for Primary 1A
  • Comprehension and Composition for Primary 1B
  • Comprehension and Composition for Primary 2A
  • Comprehension and Composition for Primary 2B
  • Comprehension and Composition for Primary 3A
  • Comprehension and Composition for Primary 3B
  • Comprehension and Composition for Primary 4A
  • Comprehension and Composition for Primary 4B
  • Comprehension and Composition for Primary 5A
  • Comprehension and Composition for Primary 5B
  • Comprehension and Composition for Primary 6A
  • Comprehension and Composition for Primary 6B, a subsidiary of ASknLearn, is a one-stop learning portal for parents and students comprising a learning segment and an e-shop for educational products. Leveraging on Singapore’s sterling international reputation in education, Singaporelearning aims to aggregate locally developed education content and to market them worldwide, as one entity.

Parents and students from any part of the world can sign on as members to enjoy FREE e-learning- content demos, quizzes, games and educational news, in Knowledge Café as well as participate in the online theme park Play N Learn.

Features of Singaporelearning

Play N Learn

This online theme park is a compelling place for students and teens to have fun. There are many choices of games, specially created to cater to the different abilities and interests of people.

Contests with attractive prizes are also organised to pit the skills and abilities of people against each other on planet Earth.

The Knowledge Café

The Knowledge Café is a place for people to share and learn. It covers topics and issues related to learning and e-learning. Its new series "Study and Examination Preparation Strategies" is chock full of practical advice on how to study effectively and useful tips on how to handle examinations.

School Showcase

This section also showcases outstanding multimedia content developed by students and teachers in Singapore.


Edushop is a virtual shopping portal for educational contents with a wide range of quality educational materials available for purchase by members. A sophisticated search tool is available, making finding content a breeze. Members may search by keywords, category, price range or level. To take the guessing element out of the purchase, demos are available for trial.