Educomp Smart School


Educomp SmartSchool is the next generation of Educomp’s SmartLearning suite of products for schools. This breakthrough product is the result of years of dedicated Research and Development by Educomp’s R&D team. It brings together 6 layers of technology adoption for schools, and integrates them into one composite solution. A first of its kind in the world, it helps schools in enhancing the quality of learning and increasing learning outcomes while providing never before features, allowing the schools to integrate, nourish, create and enhance a 360 degree relationship with all stakeholders while keeping the student at the center of the learning experience.

With Educomp SmartSchool, we look at the school as an integrated learning ecosystem, where students can see education come alive through our best-in-class 3D animations, with smartclass recommended lesson plans & cloud based real-time updates. They can create and do experiments through virtual experiments and master language through English Mentor, which uses never-seen-before technology for voice recognition. Our 3D content immerses students into a new world of multi sensory learning, and the assessment system, Educomp Insight, allows schools and parents to track where students are, in their cognitive development. Through smartclassonline , schools can link students, teachers and parents into a seamless information exchange, messaging, CCE , assessments , peer to peer learning and more.

Educomp Smartclass

World's  largest  digital content repository  from KG to Class-12

Educomp smartclass is the benchmark for digital classrooms. The pioneer just got better with the introduction of the SmartClass 5.0 release with never before features that make the job of the teacher even easier. Used by over 15000 schools and over 100,000 classrooms in India, SmartClass is the preferred choice of millions of students and teachers.

The smartclass CTS includes smartclass recommended lesson plans, real-time updates from the cloud, interactive features and simulations, diagram maker, assessments, virtual labs and thousands of modules of best -in-class content.

Smartclass recommended lesson plans

Our subject experts have carefully selected the most relevant modules on the topic. This will make it really easy for teachers to find just the right modules to use in class, and will drastically reduce the time needed to prepare for a class.To find the right module, click on “Lesson Plan” after selecting the class, subject and section on CTS. Of course, if you know some other module that you wish to use, you can still use the search engine or the “Classic View” to find it.

The smartclass 5.0 includes exciting and useful features such as Objective type tests, Practice Exercises, Board preparation materials and Subject notes (English Prose, Accountancy, History, Political Science and Hindi Grammar)

Science experiments for classes 6 to 10,  show students the practical side of science. These experiments are useful across all boards.

Math activities are at the 6-10th level, and are based on activities recommended by NCERT.  Further, teachers can create a math lab in the school with these activities!

English Mentor


More than ever before, today’s learners in schools need to acquire a competence level in English that will measure upto global standards. Proficiency in English is becoming increasingly mandatory in institutes of higher learning and looking further ahead, at the global environment they would work in.

Educomp English Mentor is an English language lab which helps students to master the nuances of the language, both written and spoken. Its unique methodology provides comprehensive learning features that enable students to learn & practice reading, writing & verbal skills at their own pace. Visualizing words becomes easier for students with features like the Pictionary. It is the only language lab, which allows you to integrate prescribed textbooks to develop English proficiency. The English Mentor language lab can be used with your existing computer labs and can be accessed by all students. With a focused approach to developing confident communicators, English Mentor concentrates on varied aspects including vocabulary, fluency and grammar, thereby creating a holistic learning base and environment for students to explore the world of words and speech.

For students, it is a wonderful new experience where they play yet learn, where they have someone who mentors them and guides them, yet gives them the freedom to practice on their own, where the world opens up to them and they in turn prepare themselves for newer horizons, where the sky is definitely not the limit.

What makes English Mentor the best English Learning tool

  • English Mentor allows students to use their school text books for learning
  • Pronunciation available in Indian accent
  • For better word recall, extensive picture dictionary is given
  • Vernacular translations and verb checker with all tenses
  • Objective reading scores and lexile levels
  • Technologically advances in maintaining student wise progress report
  • Engaging games to make learning fun

Smartclass 3D lab

Learning just got mindboggling

The 3D learning experience will have the student grabbing at thin air and pulling back from objects that appear to be zooming straight at him. Or floating in the blood stream, hearing the heart beat from inches away, watch atoms explode at arms length and so forth. The fact is, with 3D learning , the student can almost feel being a part of the subject itself.  Making learning- immersive exciting and fascinating. With 3D becoming a movie watching standard across the country, it has been gladly accepted by learners across all age groups and has left them yearning for more.

Be it Biology, Physics or Chemistry, a 3D experience is a pure delight, taking students into a life-like virtual world, where abstract ideas come to life.

  • Life-Like Virtual World
  • Wide Range of Topics
  • High Quality 3D Animations
  • Easy-to-Grasp Methodology

Educomp 3D Lab  is available for select modules in Mathematics & Sciences for Classes VI till XII. These modules have been selected from various State and Central boards and cover a wide variety of topics. Our team of experts ensures that only high quality 3D animations become a part of our service offering. This is the first such offering of its kind in the world making your school, a truly unique 21st century learning enabler.

Educomp Insight


Potential untapped is always potential wasted. Insight is a scientifically designed skill based assessment system that evaluates the academic competency in the related area by identifying the learning gaps and the strength of a student and gives constructive feedback with a great source of inspiration and motivation and thus helps the student improving the learning process. Hence a progressive, scientifically designed assessment system inspires a student and nurtures his/her inner potential to achieve excellence.

Skill Based Approach

In today’s age learners are concentrating more on rote learning rather than understanding the concept. With the higher order thinking, reasoning and analytical skills go untouched during the learning proves . Insight has a unique scientifically designed skill based approach that identifies the learners potential, interests and inspires them to excel.

Insight asseses students on 10 skills & 35 sub skills making insight one of the most comprehensive assessment system.

With an objective to inspire a brighter future through students who learn and not just study.


A  21st century elearning platformdesigned for the Internet Age

Our education system is being revolutionized by the Internet, online social collaboration and increasing availability of smart & mobile devices. In another pioneering move, the makers of smartclass bring to you smartclassonline – a  21st century  elearning platform designed for  the Internet Age.

For the first time, the acclaimed smartclass digital content has been made available online, accessible anywhere and anytime by students and teachers. All relevant resources and announcements for each subject are neatly organized under the convenient My Classroom feature. The entire school community is now connected as one large network. smartclassonline brings safe and secure online collaboration to life through messages, SMS, email, photo galleries, shared events, groups and announcements. Managing performance data is made simpler through features such as assignments, attendance, health status records, marks entry and CCE compliant report card generation.

smartclassonline brings together the power of learning, sharing and performing online, all in one revolutionary product. What’s more, the smartclassonline starter pack with collaboration features enabled has been made available for free! Experience Education in the Internet Age with smartclassonline today.


All learning resources at one place including the acclaimed Educomp smartclass and Mathguru content


A central place for all school communications including updates, alerts and announcements


All features for managing attendance, health status and performance of students.

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