English Mentor


Importance of English language in this age of globalisation cannot be overstated. It is also necessary to acquire proficiency in English at an early age, so that the challenges of tomorrow can be handled with confidence. In order to help achieve this objective, Educomp has come up with a unique English learning program- English Mentor which prepares learners to master English language.

The program has been meticulously designed keeping in mind the education requirements of learners from every grade so that the understanding of the language and its fundamentals get imbibed in a fun and interesting environment. It offers the best modules in terms of Continuous evaluation, Content, Teaching expertise and Methodology.

At the heart of English Mentor, is a range of innovative technology based modules that use a step-by-step process to help learners sharpen their Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills.

With English Mentor, English, the language the world speaks – will no longer be the barrier between opportunity and talent as your students look at the future beyond school.

English Mentor has numerous highly useful features like:

Read and Write tutor

Calling this tool basic would be a mistake. Read and Write Tutor makes use of a host of digital technologies specifically developed for learners across all ages. It helps improve reading and writing skill in more ways than one.


Do away with a physical dictionary, just highlight a word and the learners can get to see its meaning. As simple as that.

Vernacular Translator

Ideal for ESL or virtual learners, the Vernacular Translator allows the student to get translation of English words in his/her mother tongue at the click. The translator is currently available in 7 Indian languages.

Picture Dictionary

Pictures can speak a thousand words, which is why picture dictionary helps students, particularly the primary grade students, to remember the right meaning of words.

Tense Simulator

Is it, ‘he has gone home, or he has went home?’ Trying to memorize 1st, 2nd and 3rd forms of verbs but failing to apply it while writing is not new to this generation. TENSE SIMULATOR helps such learners get their tense right even as they are writing.

Work Sheet Generator

This tool is also known as Vocabulary List (VL). Students can highlight difficult words and the Vocabulary List opens up which not only clarifies the meaning of the word but also illustrates its various usage so that the students can internalize the new word and actively start using it.

Read The Text

Any document word or PDF is read out by the Read The Text software using neutral accent Indian voice. Learners can use this feature to listen to passages from their own text books too, which is far better than silent reading.

Listening Comprehension

Listening Comprehension is story time! It is a collection of interesting audio stories. These stories are carefully selected according to the different grades. Children can listen to these stories, they can play and replay it. After each story, the narrator asks a few questions and each child can respond to it depending on his ability and listening skills. The software gives ample opportunities to the children to share and discuss these with their study partners. Apart from their regular evaluation, each story time is followed by engaging and interactive games. This feature of English Mentor helps children develop good listening abilities, and pronunciation as well.

Spoken English

Spoken English, as the name suggests, focuses on developing speaking skills. With well-structured segments, each devoted to developing a particular skill or proficiency, the Spoken English section will help learners master the science of speaking step by step.

Word Stress and Sentence Stress

While the Word Stress section helps learners get their syllable stress right to pronounce a word correctly, the Sentence Stress segment focuses on an important aspect of random speech which lends meaning to a sentence.

Subject Specific Words

Another great feature, this tool will help students in pronunciation of scientific terms and other subject specific vocabulary.

Public Speaking Activities

With a “see-it and do-it” design and with a practice activity after every module, English Mentor’s public speaking segment will enable learners to shed their inhibitions, get their body language and voice projection right to become competent speakers- a life skill that will serve them well in the future beyond school.

Combination Sounds

To help learners with right pronunciation, Combination Sounds has video recordings of various tricky sounds in the English language, and learners can listen to them and repeat them again and again till they get it right.

Activities & Games

Learning becomes effortless when it is interesting. English Mentor has developed a host of activities and gaming options that take the stress out of learning. Features like Story Telling and Cricket games change the learning experience completely.

Grammar Enhancement Activities

Why should grammar be boring? Grammar Enhancement Activities have several interesting fun-filled games to test the student’s knowledge of grammar and its usage.

Fluency Tutor

Fluency Tutor transforms the way oral reading is developed and assessed. With Fluency Tutor, learners can practice their reading, be assessed and instantly see their progress. Teachers can assess and individualize instructions and can track students' improvement. The entire programme is developed to make learning easy and effective with the help of various hassle-free navigation systems.

Fluency Tutor comes with Lexile Level Assessment, a software which helps students to record their readings and assesses their rate of speech based on which they will be asked to slow down or speed up and the instructor/teacher can monitor the recorded files and provide a detailed feedback on the performance.

Reading Practice

Passages are read out for students to listen to. Then students can practice reading and recording the same passages on which the assessment happens.


Students can take comprehension test on the passages being read out.

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