For Schools

Printing press changed the world of education forever. Six centuries later we are undergoing another transformation and this time everything is going digital. Leading this second wave of technology backed empowerment; Educomp has taken education from the paper to the pixel.

Educomp smartclass

Educomp smartclass is the industry pioneer in the use of rich multimedia content as a teaching tool inside the classrooms in India. It’s a revolutionary in-classroom technology leveraging a large repository of digital content across virtually all subjects from kindergarten to grade 12. Educomp smartclass has been endorsed by detailed testing from Dun & Bradstreet.

English MentoR

English mentor is an English Language Lab which has been meticulously designed keeping in mind the education requirements of English language learners from grade one to ten,such that the understanding of the language and its fundamentals get imbibed in an engrossing scenario. It offers a self paced environment that allows users to correct mistakes, practice correct pronunciation and move on towards coaching in public speaking with confidence.

Educomp Smartclass 3D Lab

With 3 D lab complex Concepts become easier to comprehend. When abstract concepts come alive, students can almost feel that they are a part of the subject itself.

Educomp Insight

‘Insight’ is a scientifically designed assessment system that evaluates the academic competency of the student. Insight assesses students on 10 skills and 35 sub skills making it one of the most comprehensive assessment and counselling systems.

Educomp Smart School

A first of its kind comprehensive School Solutions through which schools enhance the quality of learning providing path-breaking features. It allows schools to create, integrate, nourish and enhance a 360 degree relationship with all the stakeholders while keeping the student at the centre of the learning experience.