For Tuition Centers

Educomp aims to empower teaching learning process through the tools of technology and E learning which benefits all stakeholders involved in the process of imparting and receiving education. Supplementary education for both post school curriculum based coaching and for test prep has grown in proportion to stiff competition in K12 sector.

Vidyamandir Classes

Vidyamandir Classes the premier IIT- JEE Coaching Institute, have become synonymous with success in IITJEE. Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) are recognized as the Premier Technology Institutions across the world. The competition for entry is mind boggling.


An android based system; Educomp UniClass is a teaching and learning system where a user can access a large repository of rich multimedia content mapped to curriculum. Uniclass is available for Nursery to Grade twelve. The UniClass device is similar to a set-top box and can be connected to a television, a projector or any other display appliance.