The Millennium Schools


The Millennium Schools, powered by the Millennium Learning SystemTM (MLS), aptly called the Science of Education. The Millennium Schools are known for their academic excellence, sports facilities and co-curricular activities. The Millennium Learning System TM is based on the belief that locked within every child is the inherent potential for greatness. It identifies the specific skill set of every child and helps each one of them to derive motivation from within as well as from the environment. Using the most advanced audio, visual and kinaesthetic learning techniques, MLS makes education effortless and effective. The Millennium Schools across India utilize the unique systematic methodology of MLS in their philosophy, policies and practices.


‘The Millennium Schools’ is committed to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each child, creating lifelong learners who will be the leaders of tomorrow. With parents as our partners, we aspire to create global citizens who are innovative and have a strong sense of values.


The MLS seamlessly combines a global mindset with Indian values. As a result, a solid foundation is built which can be best described in M.L. Boren's words, “You should have education enough so that you don't have to look up to people, and then more education so that you will be wise enough not to look down on people".


The MLS focuses on building communication between the learner and the facilitator. Using a structured and well-documented way to approach issues, The Millennium School develops students who are open minded, critical thinkers and disciplined, yet energetic in thought and action.


The MLS offers education that liberates. The common and outmoded system of rote learning heavy and irrelevant content is avoided. Students are provided with an alternative and extraordinary world of path-breaking teaching strategies and technology. They are offered liberation from a tired and ineffective curriculum, by a style of leadership and governance that puts every unique child first, unlocking every part of their hidden potential, and laying a foundation for greatness.


As an institution, The Millennium School believes in building leadership skills of our pupils by developing their individuality and discovering their potential. Children are geared to be creative lifelong learners and be adaptive enough to meet the challenges of life. As advances in educational science take place, so does the Millennium School undergo a constant evolution. Students are endowed with the capabilities required to become future leaders in the fields of business, technology, civil services and the arts. As such, The Millennium School considers it vital to instill in them a strong set of core values by which they will shape their lives and the world around them. Strong moral and ethical codes are provided to them for the future benefit of the society. Millennium School focuses on:

  • Values of honesty, compassion, tolerance and respect for others.
  • Development of democratic and secular values.
  • Respect for our country's rich and varied heritage and a sense of national pride.
  • Learning to contribute to humanity through cooperative efforts.

Tools of learning

Well structured curriculum: Each stage of the curriculum has been designed systematically with rich content, a diverse style of approach, and a flexible and focused methodology. The objective is to go beyond theory and make knowledge useful even outside the realm of books and examinations.

SmartclassTM Technology: SmartclassTM is a digital initiative by Educomp Solutions. This initiative endeavours to make available a vast resource of knowledge content to each class through an interactive multimedia white board, thereby fostering a better understanding and igniting a lifelong love of learning. It also:

  • Brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life.
  • Improves the teacher's effectiveness and productivity.
  • Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.
  • Maximizes the academic performance of students.
  • Enables a constant monitoring of your child's progress in class.

Innovative textbooks: Over 22,000 pages of content have been developed into workbooks which are fun and facilitate learning through activities and games. These books are application-based and enable children to understand the world around them, with minimal assistance from the teacher. To ensure that the learning process is made a truly meaningful and holistic one, the children are introduced to each subject through a series of practical work and project work. Text books are linked to project files, making every concept relevant, practical and application based. This helps to make the process an enjoyable and memorable experience, ensuring that it is retained for life. Beyond the basic project work, middle school children are taught to link together similar concepts and are helped in applying them to various vocations that they may come across in future. The children study as apprentices and work on projects using the concepts learnt, forging a connection between what the children have learnt in class and being able to apply it in their real lives. This also ensures that the value and dignity of labour is imbibed in them.