Educomp UniClassTM comes as a comprehensive kit that ensures that the teacher has the flexibility and all the resources at hand to make education lively, interesting and engaging for students.

An Android based system, it can be conveniently attached to multiple delivery media , be it an LCD, TV or a Projector. A motion sensitive Gyro remote allows the teacher to play, pause and maneuver the content to create a seamless learning experience. The UniClassTM kit comes equipped with a hard disk drive loaded with content for classes Nursery till XII. USB ports allow you an access to external content when needed.

Educomp UniClassTM is virtually maintenance free and ideal for Indian conditions. It’s extremely user friendly and it requires very little effort to set it up. Schools can use their existing infrastructure to avail all the benefits of UniClassTM. This makes it cost effective and investment friendly.

Educomp UniClassTM follows a unique teaching methodology that allows teachers to nicely blend conventional teaching with digital media to create a vibrant learning environment. Simple plug and play mechanism combined with ease of use makes UniClassTM a perfect way to bring digital excellence into the classroom.

At Educomp, we believe that education is received well, when presented innovatively. Our endeavour is to bring alive concepts in great clarity & visual appeal through UniClassTM. Going beyond theoretical concepts, we bring in a dynamic new approach to delivering educational content through an interesting multimedia mix including curriculum mapped content repository, 2 D & 3 D Animations, Multiple Choice questions, Topic Synopsis & Web links.

Let’s have an easy view of what this means for the teachers and students:

Content repository

Educomp UniClassTM offers rich & vast repository of digital curriculum, mapped to CBSE curriculum, for select subjects for Classes Nursery till XII. The content has been developed by Experts and is easily understandable, explanatory and relevant.


Content that Educomp UniClassTM offers has been designed keeping students in mind. Highly engaging 2D and 3D digital animations that bring abstract concepts to life have been liberally used to provide a contemporary and vibrant feel to all subjects.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Series of questions related to respective chapters with varying difficulty levels including higher order thinking have been included to allow teachers to assess students ability and level.

Web Links

Teachers and Students will have access to pre selected and classified library of relevant web resources for every chapter. This is an interesting feature that brings enhanced power to teachers, who can use these links to further elucidate difficult concepts.

Topic Synopsis

Readymade summary of the chapter helping teachers to summarize the concepts taught at the end of the class. This is an effective way to leave students with deeper food for thought.

Why should Educators & Students choose UniClass is a question that’s easy to answer! It is because UniClass makes education fun, vibrant and interesting, both for teachers and students. It frees education from the boundaries of textbooks and takes it to another level of digital excellence where concepts are not just taught but brought alive in vibrant visual imagery.

For the school management, it’s an excellent medium to stand tall amidst the crowd. Creating a unique learning path for the students and delivering a better quality of education through use of Educomp UniClass allows the school to create a niche for itself.